Project Lifesaver International

“Bringing Loved Ones Home”

The Project Lifesaver story

Project Lifesaver International (PLI) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that began in April of 1999.  PLI  developed policies and procedures to create a system to rapidly locate vulnerable people who had eloped.  The system of policies and procedures is as important as the technology.

The equipment utilized was based on old bear tracking technology which had just been re-purposed for tracking people.  PLI is a distributor of equipment  manufactured by others.  That allows PLI to be constantly looking for better technology that meets their very high standards.  The current equipment is third generation.

PLI has a presence in all 50 states plus Canada and Australia. The Project Lifesaver technology has successfully participated in over 3,400 searches since PLI was founded.

The average search time is 30 minutes.  These facts have led to the Project Lifesaver system being rated as the “Gold Standard” of locating vulnerable clients.  Caregivers must must still do what they can to keep a person safe.

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