Our Public Safety Agency Services

Project Lifesaver Minnesota Support Cenyer is available to help public safety agencies with their needs related to becoming a Project Lifesaver Member Agency.  It may be as simple as helping to understand what is required to become a member agency to fundraising and assistance with operating the program.

Program Information

Having assisted multiple public safety agencies start up and operate their program, we can relate what in needed to be successful.


The Project Lifesaver Full Membership fee covers the cost of initial training including ‘train the trainer’ within your organization.  We can also provide refresher training.


Project Lifesaver Minnesota Support Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  As such we can accept  tax deductible donations from your donors to apply against any costs and fees.  Donations can also assist potential clients who do not have the means to pay.  We monitor available grants and can assist in their application process.


It is important that your local residents who need the program become clients before they go missing.  We can help promote the program in your jurisdiction.

Client Management

It is important that the functioning of the clients’ transmitters are being checked regularly and that batteries are being changed according to schedule.  We can help with keeping track of client followup by your personnel or trained volunteers.  We can also manage client payments so your agency does not have to handle funds.

Refresher Training and Recertification

Trained personnel and volunteers need to regularly use the tracking equipment so they can quickly and correctly use the tracking equipment in the event of a search.  Regular refresher exercises and the required re-certification exams must not slip through the cracks.  We can help with reminders, planning and execution of these activities.

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